Heir Of The Dog

So Far, So Good… So What

Dogbreath Brewery Ltd started off making natural hard and liquid soaps in 2002 under the name Red Star Soaps.

This was quite successful with exports around the world, especially Finland. We went as far afield as America with our Pony Polish horse shampoo after an interview on Chris Evans Drive Time. We even had enquiries from camel racers in the UAE.

In July 2013, the EU decided to introduce legislation that would have cost us tens of thousands of pounds just to stay in business. All cosmetics within the EU were required to be safety assessed again, despite this already being done. Pet shampoos were exempt, so we continued producing those – in limited quantities – and had experimental ventures into meat-free catering.

It wasn’t really working out, so we looked for another way forward.

After obtaining Personal and Brewery Licences the company name was changed to Dogbreath Brewery Ltd and we started selling beer in January 2016.

Our house is the registered brewery and the brewery is in the kitchen. We expanded production rapidly going from forty to eighty to four hundred bottles within a few months with a self-built 12,000 watt boiler.

This has been scaled back to eighty bottle batches recently as we prepare to move to a proper commercial premise. This will combine beer, meat-free food and soap.

Our beer is real and does not contain animal products, preservatives, colourants or other additives, and the water we use is carbon filtered. We also declare all of our ingredients.

It comes as a shock to most people that the alcoholic beverage industry is exempt from food labelling even though it is a food product.

We started off with plastic bottles but now use glass, mainly because of the risk of pollutants entering the beer from the plastic. However, we have always paid for return of our bottles for re-use.

And, as far as we know, we are the only brewery re-labelling and re-using other people’s bottles as well. These cost us nothing, so we discount our beer in these bottles by 30p.

Our attitude is to reduce, re-use then re cycle. You won’t get any fancy packaging from us.

As for our soap, we produce two types: liquid and hard. They are both 100% olive oil, made from scratch, naturally moisturising, not tested on animals and, again, with no additives, colourants or scents.

You can fragrance the liquid yourself with a few drops of essential oil and use it straight from the plastic beer bottle it comes in, or put it in a standard gel dispenser. Don’t forget to give it a shake before use as it does go a bit denser when it cools.

The hard bar is fragrance free and comes wrapped in brown paper coated on the inside with a vegan wax to prevent leakage of the natural oils. We also package them in joke wrappers for very naughty gifts so, if you’re easily offended, DO NOT look.

We do our best to limit our impact on the environment, fellow humans and animals.

Thanks for looking.