Dogbreath Brewery Ltd started making natural soaps (hard-bar and liquid) in the West Midlands of England in 2002 under the name “Red Star Soaps“. Though the business was functioning merely out of the kitchen of the Woodley family’s home in West Midlands, England, their products were slowly becoming noticed by their local community. After Dogbreath Brewery’s popularity began to rise, the company found themselves on an interview with Chris Evans on his show “Chris Evan’s Drive Time“; talking about their products and what they stood for as a business.

This media exposure raised the voice of the company and expanded its previously local reaches to an international level. The brewery further developed as it’s success rose, exporting their products to Finland, North America, and even receiving inquiries from camel racers in the UAE! Though the business was still being kept in the Woodley’s kitchen, it was thriving.

In July of 2013, the EU decided to introduce legislations on businesses to have the safety of their products assessed once more (despite this recently being done), therefore, renewing their functionality. This sudden turn of events presented Dogbreath Brewery with a very hard choice: to go bankrupt from the mandatory costs and stay in business, or refuse and lose their hard-earned progress almost entirely.

This was obviously a major set-back for the brewery and what they had been building over the years, but they did not disappear. Pet shampoos were exempt from these legislations (as safety assessments on products made for animals are below minimal). This inspired Dogbreath Brewery’s creators to continue their production, though in limited quantities, of soap for animals while also experimenting with meat-free catering for household pets (i.e., dogs).

Though it kept the heart of the business alive, these limited paths were not the key to regaining Dogbreath Brewery’s former success, so they began searching for another way forward.

In January of 2016, after obtaining Personal and Brewery Licences, the company name was changed from “Red Star Soaps” to the present Dogbreath Brewery Ltd. Still functioning out of the Woodley’s home kitchen, their home became the registered brewery. Success began creeping around the corner once more with the rising demand of the brewery’s products. With a single, self-built, 12,00 watt boiler, the business’ production escalated from forty, to eighty, to four hundred bottles within the span of a few months.

Currently, Dogbreath Brewery Ltd is still successfully working out of the Woodley family’s kitchen. Though their main focus for publicly accessible products is on the production of all natural soaps, the future intentions of Dogbreath Brewery are still being expanded as they always have been, and, hopefully, will be available for you all to enjoy sometime in the future.

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